K.O reveals why artists left his record label, Skhanda World

K.O reveals why artists left his record label, Skhanda World.

The rapper is the only artist left in his label as rapper Rooi and Loki announced their exit from the label.

Speaking to Zimoja, Mr Cashtime says his partnership with Universal Music Group resulted to the departure of the two rappers.

“We had gotten into a partnership with Universal Musi Group (UMG) as a joint venture. They were fronting 50% of everything that had to do with the business, and they wanted to see results but unfortunately, some of the music and stuff that came out was not yielding the results that both anticipated,’ he said.

“We felt maybe the artists would do well at another label. We didn’t want to hold anyone back from thriving elsewhere and that is what happened.”

“They were not bringing the investment. So, Just Bheki, MaE, MrX, and Loki, Roiii were the last ones to leave.”


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