DJ Sbu – “‘There’s no such thing as black tax”

DJ Sbu condemns Black Tax

DJ Sbu, real name preaches against black tax as he reminds people how they were helped by their family.

He tells people to not throw their backs at the people who helped in raising them.

“It took a village to raise you and you know very well how that village struggles right now… You can’t throw your back at where you’re coming from,” the DJ said.

However, Sbu’s claim sparked controversy among netizens.

“People talk about this topic without understanding. There are people who being extorted by their parents . I have a friend who can’t even buy themselves shoes or cloths but uya sebenza . Lost girlfriends coz at his home they are demanding not even asking or him doing. bayayifuna!” a tweep wrote.

“He’s absolutely right, i hate that nonsense thing called black taxi,” another wrote.


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