Big Zulu Wins Boxing Match With A First-Round Knockout

Big Zulu Wins Boxing Match With A First-Round Knockout

Big Zulu Wins Boxing Match With A First-Round Knockout

Big Zulu follows Cassper Nyovest into boxing and has since won his first battle with a first-round knockout.

It was all Cassper Nyovest a few months ago when he entered the ring in his renowned Celebrity Boxing. Then he fought Naakmusiq and Priddy Ugly, all of whom he defeated. Since then, numerous celebrities, including AKA Big Zulu and others, have faced fan pressure to fight. AKA clearly had little interest, but Big Zulu adored it.

The massive hip-hop star boldly challenged Cassper Nyovest to a fight, and Cassper appeared to dread him. Even if more logistics or management failed, Cassper refused Big Zulu’s challenge.

Big Zulu had no fears, and he went on to find a superior fighter. Big Zulu won the contest with a round one knockout, proving to fans that he is a greater fighter than Cassper.

For the past few months, Big Zulu had been working so hard behind the scenes hitting the gym. Several times, he was spotted running on the roads and mountains as he prepared for this boxing match.

Indeed, Big Zulu lost so much fat during the past few months and looked in the best shape of his life. Big Zulu seemed so comfortable and dangerous as he entered the ring. The two prominent fighters in the boxing ring exchanged blows for a few seconds. They tested each other. Indeed it looked so promising before Big Zulu unleashed his dangerous fists.

As the first round gets to the end, Big Zulu produces a dangerous blow that catches his opponent’s face, and he falls to the ground.

Some notable celebrities, including DJ Tira, have stated that the next match should be between these two hip-hop stars. Here’s what DJ Tora had to say:

When Cassper declined Big Zulu’s challenge, it appeared that everything had come apart, but things are now resuming. This was a deadly match, and everyone appeared to be as prepared as ever.

Big Zulu vs Cassper Nyovest coming soon

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