Murumba Pitch & Omit ST – Inhlitiyo ft. Afrotraction

Exploring the Depths of Amapiano with Murumba Pitch & Omit ST’s Latest Musical Offering

In the ever-evolving landscape of South African music, the Amapiano genre continues to flourish, bringing fresh and captivating sounds to the forefront. The latest addition to this musical revolution is “Inhlitiyo,” a poignant and melodious track by the dynamic duo Murumba Pitch & Omit ST, featuring the soulful Afrotraction. This song, off their latest album, not only showcases the trio’s undeniable talent but also delves into the complexities of love and passion, resonating with listeners across the globe.

“Inhlitiyo” stands out as a testament to the artists’ ability to blend traditional Amapiano rhythms with emotive lyrics, creating a masterpiece that appeals to the heart. The collaboration between Murumba Pitch, Omit ST, and Afrotraction is a match made in musical heaven, with each bringing their unique flair to the track. Afrotraction’s smooth vocals perfectly complement the signature Amapiano beats produced by Murumba Pitch & Omit ST, resulting in a song that is both uplifting and introspective.

The release of “Inhlitiyo” has been met with widespread acclaim, further cementing the artists’ positions as pioneers of the Amapiano movement. Fans and critics alike have praised the song for its lyrical depth, intricate melodies, and the seamless fusion of genres. It’s clear that Murumba Pitch & Omit ST, with the addition of Afrotraction, have struck a chord with their audience, offering a musical experience that transcends boundaries and speaks directly to the soul.

As “Inhlitiyo” continues to make waves in the music industry, it serves as a reminder of the power of collaboration and the endless possibilities within the Amapiano genre. This song is not just a musical release; it’s a celebration of love, passion, and the unifying force of music. With their latest offering, Murumba Pitch & Omit ST, featuring Afrotraction, have set a new standard for what is possible in the realm of South African music, promising even more groundbreaking tracks in the future.





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