Murumba Pitch & Nomfundo Moh – Forever Yena ft. Omit ST, Mzizi & Maremo Violin

Murumba Pitch & Nomfundo Moh Release Captivating Single Featuring Omit ST, Mzizi & Maremo Violin

In a dazzling display of musical collaboration, Murumba Pitch and Nomfundo Moh have unveiled their latest single “Forever Yena,” a track that promises to enchant listeners with its rich blend of vocals and instrumentals. Featured alongside Omit ST, Mzizi, and Maremo Violin, the song is a standout piece from their recent album “Isidalo,” showcasing an unparalleled depth of talent and creativity.

“Forever Yena” is not just a song; it’s an ode to everlasting love and connection that transcends the constraints of time. With Murumba Pitch’s exquisite production and the heartfelt lyrics delivered by Nomfundo Moh, the track is poised to become a timeless classic in the realm of South African music. The inclusion of Omit ST, Mzizi, and Maremo Violin enriches the song further, adding layers of emotional depth and musical complexity that captivate from the first note to the last.

This collaboration is a significant milestone for all artists involved, highlighting their versatility and commitment to crafting music that resonates on a profound level. “Forever Yena” stands as a testament to their collective ability to weave narratives of love and longing into the fabric of their music, creating an immersive experience for their audience.

The release of “Forever Yena” has been met with enthusiastic reception, signaling a bright future for these artists on the South African and global music scenes. As the song garners attention and acclaim, it becomes clear that Murumba Pitch and Nomfundo Moh, together with their talented collaborators, have struck a chord with listeners seeking music that speaks to the heart.

As “Forever Yena” makes its way through the airwaves, it serves as a reminder of the power of collaboration in the music industry. Through their combined efforts, Murumba Pitch, Nomfundo Moh, Omit ST, Mzizi, and Maremo Violin have created a musical masterpiece that will be cherished for years to come.

Forever Yena

Forever Yena


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