Murumba Pitch – Khongela Ft. Soa Mattrix, Nobuhle, MaWhoo & Happy Jazzman

Murumba Pitch Collaborates with Amapiano Heavyweights for “Khongela” Off Their Latest Album “Isidalo”

In a vibrant addition to the Amapiano landscape, Murumba Pitch has unveiled “Khongela,” a track from their latest album “Isidalo,” featuring an ensemble of Amapiano stalwarts including Soa Mattrix, Nobuhle, MaWhoo, and Happy Jazzman. This collaboration is a testament to the dynamic and evolving nature of the Amapiano genre, showcasing a rich tapestry of sounds and emotions that resonate deeply within South Africa’s music scene.

“Khongela” stands out as a mesmerizing blend of rhythmic beats and soulful melodies, encapsulating the essence of Amapiano while highlighting the unique talents of each artist involved. Murumba Pitch, known for their innovative approach to music, has once again demonstrated their ability to push boundaries and create something truly exceptional. The inclusion of Soa Mattrix, Nobuhle, MaWhoo, and Happy Jazzman adds layers of depth and complexity to the track, making “Khongela” a compelling listen.

The release of “Isidalo” marks a significant moment for Murumba Pitch, following their previous successes and further establishing them as pivotal figures within the Amapiano movement. This album, featuring “Khongela” as its seventeenth track, is a testament to Murumba Pitch’s dedication to exploring new sounds and narratives within the genre, inviting listeners on a journey through the rich landscapes of South African music.

“Khongela” is not just a song; it’s a celebration of Amapiano’s growth and its power to bring artists together in creating something that transcends the sum of its parts. With its infectious rhythm and captivating vocals, the track is poised to become a staple in playlists and dance floors across the country, further cementing Amapiano’s position as a dominant force in the global music scene.

As “Isidalo” makes its way into the hearts of music lovers everywhere, “Khongela” stands as a shining example of collaboration and innovation in music. Murumba Pitch and their collaborators have delivered an anthem that promises to inspire and move listeners, marking a new chapter in the Amapiano saga that is rich with potential and excitement.





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