Murumba Pitch – Isidalo Album

The Amapiano Duo’s Latest Album “Isidalo” Sets a New Standard in Musical Innovation

Murumba Pitch, the South African musical sensation, has once again elevated the Amapiano scene by releasing their much-anticipated album, “Isidalo.” This album, featuring 17 tracks, showcases the duo’s unparalleled ability to blend infectious beats with captivating melodies, further cementing their status as pioneers in the genre.

“Isidalo” is not just an album; it’s a journey through the diverse landscapes of Amapiano, featuring collaborations with notable artists such as Kelvin Momo, Mthunzi, and Afrotraction, among others. Each track in the album, from the soul-stirring “Isidalo (Intro)” featuring Zamoh Cofi to the rhythmic “Balansa” with Omit ST & Em-One, is meticulously crafted to offer listeners a unique auditory experience.

The album’s release has been met with critical acclaim, with fans and critics alike lauding Murumba Pitch for their innovative approach to music production and ability to convey deep, emotional narratives through sound. Available on major streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, “Isidalo” is accessible to a global audience, allowing the duo to share their artistic vision with the world.

Murumba Pitch’s “Isidalo” is more than just an Amapiano album; it’s a testament to the duo’s dedication to their craft and contribution to South African music’s evolution. As the album continues gaining traction, it is clear that Murumba Pitch is shaping the future of Amapiano and inspiring a new generation of artists to push the boundaries of musical creativity.

With “Isidalo,” Murumba Pitch invites listeners to embark on a musical odyssey that is both reflective and revolutionary. As the album resonates across dance floors and through headphones worldwide, it stands as a beacon of artistic excellence and a milestone in the duo’s illustrious career.

Isidalo Album


# Duration Title Artist
1 4:21 Isidalo (Intro) Murumba Pitch
2 6:09 Jabula Murumba Pitch
3 5:32 Inhlitiyo Murumba Pitch
4 6:40 Isisheli Murumba Pitch
5 5:35 Balansa Murumba Pitch
6 5:18 Basazolimala Murumba Pitch
7 5:04 Special Murumba Pitch
8 7:22 Ngi Ready Murumba Pitch
9 5:47 Jukebox Murumba Pitch
10 6:44 Ethembeni Murumba Pitch
11 5:39 eWallet Murumba Pitch
12 5:10 Forever Yena Murumba Pitch
13 6:02 Follow Me Murumba Pitch
14 8:01 Umoya Murumba Pitch
15 7:08 Ngithembe Murumba Pitch
16 5:09 Ngawe Murumba Pitch
17 6:57 Khongela Murumba Pitch



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