Holy Ten – Risky Life II Album

The Zimbabwean Rapper’s Latest Project Promises Depth, Evolution, and Authentic Narratives

Holy Ten, one of Zimbabwe’s most prominent rappers, has officially released his much-anticipated album “Risky Life II” on February 10, 2024. Following the critical and commercial success of his debut album “Risky Life,” Holy Ten’s sequel promises to delve deeper into the themes of survival, resilience, and the complexities of urban life in Zimbabwe.

A Leap Forward in Storytelling

“Risky Life II” is not just a continuation but an evolution of Holy Ten’s musical journey. Known for his sharp lyricism and unique ability to weave complex narratives within his songs, Holy Ten explores new territories in this album, both thematically and sonically. The album’s official tracklist and cover art, recently unveiled, hint at a project that balances introspection with broader societal commentary, reflecting the rapper’s growth as an artist and individual.

The Anticipation Builds

The release of “Risky Life II” has been met with significant anticipation, fueled by Holy Ten’s consistent teases on social media and his reputation for pushing the boundaries of Zimbabwean hip-hop. His fans have eagerly awaited new material, and with the album now available on various platforms, early reactions suggest that it lives up to, if not exceeds, expectations.

A Collaborative Effort

While details about collaborations within the album are sparse, Holy Ten is known for his strategic partnerships with other artists, which often bring out the best in his work. “Risky Life II” is expected to feature a mix of established names and rising talents, showcasing the diversity and richness of Zimbabwe’s music scene.

Summing Up

With “Risky Life II,” Holy Ten continues to cement his status as a pivotal figure in African hip-hop. The album is not only a testament to his lyrical prowess but also to his commitment to portraying the realities of life in Zimbabwe with honesty and complexity. As fans and critics alike dive into the new project, “Risky Life II” is set to spark conversations and inspire listeners with its powerful narratives and infectious beats.


Track Number Title
1 Are You Really Leaving?
2 Mureza ft. Poptain
3 Secondary School
4 Ndotokuda ft. Kimberley Richard
5 Jongwe ft. Kayflow
6 Baba Vasina Basa
7 Risky Life Interlude
8 Wake Up ft. MrCandy
9 Paranoia
10 Party Rules
11 Sorry Boss
12 Banga ft. Kimberley Richard
13 One Step Ahead



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