DJ Maphorisa – Porry’s View Mix NBY (Live In Sandton) Episode 1

A Sonic Journey Through Amapiano with DJ Maphorisa: Episode 1 of Porry’s View Mix NBY

In a spectacular showcase of musical prowess, DJ Maphorisa, one of South Africa’s most celebrated Amapiano producers, has launched the first episode of his much-anticipated series, “Porry’s View Mix NBY (Live In Sandton)”. This inaugural episode marks a significant moment in the Amapiano scene, delivering a vibrant mix that encapsulates the essence of the genre while showcasing Maphorisa’s unique talent and vision.

Recorded live in Sandton, a hub of luxury and lifestyle in Johannesburg, the mix offers listeners a firsthand experience of the energetic and soulful ambiance that DJ Maphorisa is known for. The choice of Sandton as the location adds an extra layer of glamour to the mix, reflecting the upscale and dynamic nature of the Amapiano movement. The mix features a meticulously curated selection of tracks that highlight the evolution of Amapiano, blending traditional rhythms with modern beats to create a sound that is both fresh and nostalgic.

“Porry’s View Mix NBY” is more than just a musical compilation; it’s an immersive auditory experience designed to transport listeners to the heart of South Africa’s party scene. Episode 1 serves as an introduction to what promises to be a series that will explore the depths and diversities of Amapiano music, through the lens of one of its most influential figures.

DJ Maphorisa’s decision to launch this series comes at a time when Amapiano has firmly established itself as a dominant force in the global music industry. By sharing his personal selection of tracks and mixes, Maphorisa not only celebrates the genre’s success but also offers a platform for emerging artists and sounds to gain recognition.

As “Porry’s View Mix NBY” unfolds with more episodes, listeners can anticipate a journey through the vibrant landscapes of Amapiano, guided by DJ Maphorisa’s expert curation. This series is set to become a cornerstone for fans and enthusiasts of the genre, offering a unique insight into the creative mind of one of Amapiano’s key architects.

Porry’s View Mix NBY



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